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About us

Who we are....


 Sixpence Voice Studio & Sixpence Stage School are a collective of fully trained professionals who thoroughly

enjoy what they do!

Both our Private Singing lessons and our Stage School lessons are taught to the highest standard, with expert knowledge and most importantly BAGS of enthusiasm for all aspects of Performing Arts. 

Our teachers currently also teach within professional settings locally such as Priestley College, Grappenhall Heys Community Primary and Huddersfield University.

Sixpence Voice Studio


We opened our doors in 2012, and have taught both children and adults across the whole of Warrington and surrounding areas. 

Our friendly Studio is for everyone, not just those that class themselves as 'singers'. We often have teenagers who want a distraction from the pressures of school, parents who want some 'me' time, or adults who have always wanted to learn a new skill. 

We teach vocal lessons using the latest Vocal techniques, which can be applied to any genre. 

Sixpence Stage School

After the success of our Voice Studio, we launched our Stage School in February 2013. 

We've done almost twenty productions, including children of ages 3-16 years. We encourage fun, by being a ZERO pressure Stage School. Our happy and relaxed children build their confidence and are made to feel at ease, whilst having plenty of FUN! 

We start from age 3 with our Mini Pennies Class, and they can continue with us to age 16.

Free Trials Available - Call 07525 851 578

Sara Whittaker Allcock
Sara says....

I'm incredibly proud that since 2012, the word 'Sixpence' now represents our community of children, parents and adults who love Performing Arts. Our teachers and their relationship with their students make Sixpence great. They really are brilliant at what they do, and their passion and enthusiasm shines through in every lesson taught. I'm also really excited for 2020, as we're taking Sixpence Online, which means that we're now able to teach worldwide!

Come and sing a song with Sixpence, I promise you'll love it as much as we do.

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